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Science and Philosophy Conference

The most important questions to which the human being has faced since ancient times (for example, what is the origin of our existence? What is the origin of the universe? Is there a God?), They have been answered as long of the twentieth and twenty-first century in many ways, but the prevailing vision has been the scientist, hand in hand with a materialist philosophy, proposed mainly by scientific or popular figures such as Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins. This worldview explains that only knowledge that is within the scientific field is valid to answer these essential questions. But, nevertheless, the answers that these authors offer escape to the scientific scope. Rather, they use interpretations of scientific knowledge to respond to what transcends this area of ​​science.

In this talk, designed for anyone who has an interest in these issues, but of special interest for students in the stages of institute and university, we will talk about how knowledge about “the facts of the world” are not enough to explain the origin of these, but an interpretation that allows us to answer these important questions is always required.