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The Global Road Portal to Europe, is a platform that exists with the extensive objective of supporting the churches of the area, the country in general, and the rest of Europe, focusing on Spanish-speaking congregations. We intend to collaborate, as part of a chain, with the extension of the kingdom of God, always bringing glory to His name.

We offer pre-formal training related to spiritual development, as well as to staff and family members. We have a wide range of courses and workshops.
Our facilities also offer the possibility of staying in them during the time the training lasts.
Although the different courses will be given in our own facilities, the idea is that it can be taken anywhere in Spain, as is the case of the 5 classes that are already working in different cities with the biblical training program; you just have to specify the form in each case.

We understand that we have also received from the Lord the vision of reaching some of the many Spanish-speaking churches that have been born throughout the European geography. We thank God for the group that is already training in a Hispanic church in London.
In our offices you will also find leaflets and evangelistic calendars, and different titles of interesting books for the growth of the Christian.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will attend you with pleasure.