Jaime Fasold visit the instalation of Seminario Al-Ándalus

Mr. Jaime Fasold, visited the new facilities of Al-Andalus Seminar for the delivery to students and professors of several copies of which he is the author.

During the visit, D. Jaime highlighted the importance of approaching doctrinal issues committed from the respect to the different beliefs of Christians, emphasizing that love is above all opinion.

Mr. Jaime Fasold has been Rector of the Seminar, IBSTE, for more than 35 years and is currently working with his wife, Carolina, to give lectures in different parts of the Spanish geography where he has been ministering for 45 years.

“With Presicion, the ribbon of Hermeneutics”, “Spiritual Gifts” and “Your Orange Mean” make up the batch received and that is already available in the library.

Mr. Jaime Fasold and Carolina, were received by several members of the Seminary.